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SLdiapora Groups offers innovative and trusted platform for land, property and land registration services for the diaspora and the homeland, Sierra Leone. We work closely with local communities, land and property owners, Government approved surveyors, accredited lawyers, well trained and qualified Real Estate professionals who will help you navigate the Land acquisition process, property buying, selling and land registration services. Invest in your home land, invest in one of Africa's leading emerging economics. emerging market.

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Land Acquisition

Sierra Leone Diaspora Management group is your trusted partner in land and property management. We will help in the verification, validation of land ownership and document authenticity. We offer land registration service to the land owners, communities, government and other interested parties.

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Land Development

We work closely with trusted and respected Builders and Developers to offer comprehensive affordable prices that meets your budget. Our partners take pride in providing high quality service to our clients. We have reporting mechanism that allows you to keep track of the progress on your home building project.

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Land Registration Service

We will administer the largest public land registry database by recording, indexing and archiving available land records and transactions. Our land registry and its records will become the legal basis to prevent and to settle property disputes by serving as the official record of ownership and authentic document reference center.

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